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The sacred Triforce... Power...Wisdom.... And Courage. While all live and die this Holy relic lives on through the Eras.... Its a never ending light... Every thousand years the defender of the Triforce is reincarnated to maintain peace... Whenever evil arises the guardian stands up to restore order.... This is the story of one such hero! Message from author: Hey guy's Mawi here! So in terms of a comic descrip itself... This comic is kinda like a Hybrid between Zelda and Anime! Meaning that there will be -Use of Mild Language -Suggestive and mild adult situations/Humor -Some Violent imagery -Reference to alcohol and other substances Just a heads up! And I hope you enjoy the comic! THIS IS A FAN BASED COMIC/PARODY DONE FOR THE SAKE OF FUN AND NOTHING MORE... I DO NOT OWN LEGEND OF ZELDA OR ANYTHING NINTENDO.


August 23rd, 2014, 11:09 pm

The Legend Of Zelda Strings of Memories launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of The Legend Of Zelda Strings of Memories! Comics coming soon!

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